Happy Birthday to My Cape!

Yesterday was a very special day. It was the anniversary of the birth of a great person named Kate. From the stroke of midnight on February 28 last year, all the way through the stroke of midnight which indicated the arrival of March, my day was overwhelmingly packed with laughter and absurd silliness. After our awkward acquaintance had built into a superb friendship from our original meeting through an English class the previous year, I was naturally obliged to call Kate at midnight to wish her a happy birthday. Despite the hilariously cacophonous commotion of poppers and music on the other end of the telephone, I clearly understood Kate and her roommate Caitlin begging and demanding that I leave my dorm, brace the fierce winter weather conditions, and venture to their dorm to participate in birthday festivities. I was perfectly pleased with my inactivity in the warmth of my bed, and trudging through miserable weather was an activity far from my list of affections, but nevertheless, the following occurred:

Kate's birthday phone convo

When Kate and Caitlin opened their door to find me standing as cold as an ice pop in their hallway, their surprised reactions assured me that I had undoubtedly made the correct choice to join them. Although we stayed in the confinements of Kate’s tiny dorm room that night, we had an insurmountable amount of fun. For nobody else’s entertainment but our own, throughout that night, we dressed in crazy sequin vests, innumerable articles of neon clothing, fuzzy princess tiaras, and skyscraper-tall heels. We danced like maniacs. We nearly broke box springs from jumping on the bed. We made friends with strangers in passing cars whose windows were down. We salivated while devouring mountain-sized cupcakes. And possibly the best or worst part of the night is the documentation we kept to prove that every second really happened. 

Kate's 20th birthday photo evidence

I once read that the age you are when you meet a person is the age that you will act with them for the remainder of your friendship. Thus, if you have been best friends with a person since you were five years old, your inhibitions will be as loose as those of a five year old when you are in the company of that friend. Generally, I think this truism is fairly accurate, but in relation to my friendship with Kate, I feel that our interactions would suggest that we met in grade school rather than in college. When Kate and I are together, we bear the innocence of little giggling girls who play dress-up in their mothers’ heels or who experiment with make-up in efforts to impress an older brother’s friends in middle school. We laugh as hard as elementary school boys who just heard their teacher read aloud “butt” in a funny story. We talk on the phone into late hours of the night as long as teenagers in agonizingly annoying romances. We don’t need an occasion to go on an adventure, and furthermore, we can transform any location into a setting worth being called an adventure. With each other, we can create our own capes and fly away to more exciting worlds. 

get cape wear cape fly

For example, at the end of first semester during our sophomore year of college, we were walking home from an ugly sweater-themed party that turned out not to be so much fun. Suddenly, we turned to the right and noticed a party winding down at our friend’s fraternity house, so we decided to go in and make our night a bit more memorable. Our other friends refused to come with us because “nobody was there” and we were certainly not dressed for the occasion. We knew that we didn’t need “anybody” in order to make it a fun time – we could make our own fun. With confidence, we rocked our tré-chic ugly sweaters and found our way to the dance floor, only to find a few lingering wallflowers in the room. Despite the lacking energy, Kate and I convinced the DJ to pump up the jams. Without hesitation, we climbed onto the stage and began dancing our heads off. We couldn’t stop laughing (and other people couldn’t stop laughing either), but soon enough, strangers came to join us. We stayed for hours, made friends, and most importantly, we took advantage of the chance to transform a boring night into an exuberant adventure. 

ugly sweater dance party

I am blessed that my life has led me to Kate and I am honored to realize how compatible my personality is to hers. Building a friendship as honest and as pure as ours is a rare opportunity, so I appreciate every ounce of our friendship. Selfishly unfortunate for me and marvelously exciting for her, Kate is currently celebrating her 21st birthday 4,884 miles away in Brazil. I also know her well enough to know how much of a birthday diva she is, so I could not think of a more appropriate way to say happy birthday than to properly praise her on my new blog.

Kate, you already know how much I wish I could celebrate with you and how much I miss you, so I don’t need to write it here, but I do need to say, HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, KATE HOHENSTEIN. As always, I love you like XO!



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